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Occasionally we will have a couple litters a year and other times we will not have any. Most of the planed litters are for pups that will stay here on the farm with us. We also offer started pups and young adults when available. Special consideration will be given to working homes including different payment options.


Everyone loves a puppy! Here is were the wee little ones are. This will be anywhere from just born to three months old.


Older Pups & Young Adults

From time to time we will have older pups that we have held back for training. Everyone listed here has been exposed to sheep and or stock. They will have been crate trained and will include what training/skills/abilities they have. These are pups four months up to several years old.

Adults,Rescues & Special Needs

Along with older pups we occasionally have adults for sale. They will have been exposed to stock. They may or may not be "working dogs" and will be listed accordingly. We do take in rescues once and a while. All rescues will be temperament tested and exposed to children and small animals before hand so their are no surprises. 

Along with rescues comes Special Needs dogs. These guys generally are not suited for work but make excellent, loving family members. Most of these dogs will already be Spayed/Neutered before going to their new homes.

Available Border Collies

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