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We raise many different types of animals here on the farm. First and foremost we raise to improve our lines. Health, soundness, ability and personality are all things we incorporate into our breeding programs. With each animal we are striving for specific traits and abilities, which will be listed on each page.

We have a couple litters a year. We will occasionally have older pups, started or partially trained pups available. Adults are also available from time to time.

We raise one to four foals a year. We also have started and trained colts and fillies year round. We occasionally have fully trained adults and/or broodmares/studs.

We occasionally have other animals for sale on the farm like cattle, sheep, goats, alpaca, pigs, rabbits and more. Anyone that doesn't fit into the above categories will be listed here.

We raise many different breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys most of which we show. We have hatching eggs for sale early spring - late fall. We also hatch them out on a weekly basis during that time as well.



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