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Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

Just like Border Collies, Arabian horses are just amazing!  They are ranked at the top as far as intelligence and loyalty. We also have half  Arabians and paint horses, but nothing compares to our Straight Egyptian Al Khamsa Arabians.

I will try to find useful information that will hopefully open the door, even just a crack, to life with the worlds most intelligent breed of horse; Arabian.

Al Khamsa Arabian horses comprise less than 5 percent of the registered Arabian horse population in North America. However, their importance goes far beyond numbers and symbolizes the proud heritage of their Bedouin-bred ancestors.

The Horses
Little Foxx Farms

These are our Horses!  While we mostly raise Arabian horses we also own Paints as well as previously owning Welsh, Gypsy Vanners and Miniature horses.

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