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All of our older pups will have been tested on stock. They will also have been crate trained in our home. They may or may not be currently inside as we rotate which dogs/pups are trained in the home weekly. Depending on the age, they will be spayed/neutered before going to their new homes.

For additional pictures (including those who already have homes) please visit


Last Update Sept. 3 2014



DoB: 5-31-2013

Black & White

Seth has taken to stock fairly quick, he is a thinker and has a biddable personality. He has a GREAT outrun for a young pup. He is very drivey and will do best in a working, sport or trick home. His little quirk is his tail is almost always up and curled like a husky. He is fully crate trained, lead trained, and knows basic commands. We might start agility with him this summer and wait until after we lamb to put him back on stock training.

Older, Started & Partialy Trained Pups!

DoB: 6-25-2013

Black & White ticked smooth coat

Meg is a sweet girl, she has lots of energy and loves to be by your side She listens well. She is a little on the reserved side when meeting new people, but not skittish. She is used to living with us on the farm. She is full crate trained and doing well on house breaking and basic commands.

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