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Highland cattle history
What is a Highland Cow?

Scottish Highland cows are amazing! From their long coats that keep them warm in the winter, and protect them in the summer, to their ability to eat and thrive on just about anything, including brush and weeds, their logevity,

The long haired and long horned, the Highland is one of the oldest breed of cattle. Extremely useful and productive cattle breed native to Scotland and is named for the Highland region. The breed was shaped by natural selection in this harsh environment, and as a result it is known for its survival qualities hardiness, maternal abilities, reproductive efficiency, and longevity.

Considered "The Grande Old Breed" they are the oldest breed of cattle published in the Herd book in 1885 but archaeological evidence of the Highland breed goes back to the sixth century, with written records existing from the twelfth century.

These are our cows!

Highlands are a triple-purpose breed, producing meat, milk and fiber.

Highland Beef , Milk & Fiber

Scottish Highland Cows

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