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Early Neurological Stimulation;
How it came about and it's benifits
Raising a Border Collie;


Birth through the first two months


Border Collies are just amazing! Unless you have spent significant time with a Border Collie, words just can not explain their quirky and complex nature.

I will try to find useful information that will hopefully open the door, even just a crack, to life with the worlds most intelligent clown of the canine world; The Border Collie

Dogs go through several different stages in life. Each stage can be greatly influenced by how the puppy is raised and the experiences it has. This will give you some insite on how we do it here at Little Foxx Farms.

ENS was a part of the "Super Dog" program used by the military. It greatly enhances the dogs ability to cope with stress and changes. This is particularly important in the BC breed as they are sometimes known to be anxious.

These are our Border Collies! Not all dogs are here at all times. We occasionally have co-owned dogs and dogs that are currently residing with trainers. As well as other dogs that are here visiting, or being trained on sheep!  I will also list dogs that are in their new families.  I keep track of all my pups and I love getting updates and pictures to share!

There seems to be a huge controversy between the working dog world and "everyone else"

The ABCA will not recognize an AKC Border Collie. It is their belief that they are not true to their original working purpose etc. At the same time there are people want to be able to participate in AKC sanction sports and events. Which is not the same as confirmation showing.

The Border Collies
Little Foxx Farms
Registration in the USA;

ABCA, AKC or Both?!!



Life With Border Collies

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