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Icelandic and Finn Sheep, Landrace breeds!


Scottish Highland Cattle, the fluffy ones!


Well what's the point of living on a farm without having animals?!! These are some of the types of animals we have on our farm. While cows,sheep and goats are common on most farms, you'll see that the breeds we raise are quite different indeed!

We have a small fold of Highland cattle. They are capable of surviving some of the harshest weather conditions and originate from the hill country of northern Scotland. They were originally kept by small farmers and used to raise a calf and produce milk.

We have a flock of Icelandic sheep.  The are one of the oldest breed of sheep and have been around for well over 1000 years and has been used for not only fiber, but meat and milk as well.

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh my!  Just kidding! These are the other animals here on the farm.

We still have a few goats that we raise on our farm. I started out with a few just to get my "feet wet". Turns out they are quite a bit of trouble!! They are master escape artists! We love them anyways. Can't beat having fresh goats milk to raise the pups on and they are pretty easy to work with when training our BC's.

Everyone else

Horses, Pigs, Alpacas and more!


Nubians, Nigerians and minis!


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