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Icelandic Sheep

We have a flock of Icelandic sheep. While they are not the "best" sheep to work our Border Collies with (they are not a "flocking" breed of sheep) we absolutely love them! They are a dual coated breed. They have a very soft inner fleece and very durable heavy outer fleece. I have not worked much with their fleece other then felting. I am looking forward to many years with this very unique breed.

Icelandic sheep are a dual coated medium breed of sheep. They come in all colors and both horned and polled. They are a triple purpose breed meaning they can produce meat, milk and wool.

Icelandic sheep history

Icelandic sheep are one of the oldest breed of sheep. They have been around for well over 1000 years. They are know as a "Landrace" breed meaning it has developed over time, by adaptation to the environment in which it lives and untouched by human breeding interests.

Meat, Milk & Wool

Icelandics are a triple-purpose breed, producing meat, milk and wool.

These are our sheep!

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