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Well what's the point of living on a farm without having animals?!! Oh wait didn't I say that on the last page??  Aside from the big guys we also have poultry. After all nothing beats farm fresh eggs from free range chickens and ducks! Oh and of course we have to have the rare and fancy birds in there too! 

Our flock is free ranged and and we show them on a regular basis year round.


Show Quality Bantam and Large Fowl!


Right now we raise:

Ameraucana LF and Bantam

Belgian d'anvers

Cochin LF and Bantam

Crested Polish Bantam

Russian Orloff



Show Quality Runners, Calls & East Indies!


Show Quality Ducks



Everyone else

Guineas, Peafowl and other rare birds!

Everything else

Show Quality Geese

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